The Most WTF Moments of UAAP CDC 2014

OMG 😀 haha

Black Helios PH


Before I finally end my day, I just want to share this hilarious meme compilation that I saw online from the recently concluded UAAP CDC 2014.

Let’s all forget NU’s so-so performance (but the hell, they still nailed it! Henry Sy’s wealth and power might have intervened, thank you so much!) and UP’s winning streaks and #pantaypantay theme (bias is the name), make things a little lighter, just laugh and enjoy!

cdc meme13

cdc memes10

cdc memes11

cdc memes12

cdc  meme3

cdc meme2

cdc meme4

cdc meme5

cdc meme6

cdc meme7

cdc meme8

cdc meme9

My personal favorite, I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw this. LOL Go UE!!

cdc memes1

Thank you to those who created and posted these memes. You made our nights crazy! 🙂

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One thought on “The Most WTF Moments of UAAP CDC 2014

  1. hehe. it’s really funny kuya gibs but i know that the purpose of this is to give smile to the people and not to bring on hideous image of the cheerdance competition. I was really smiling particularly when i read what’s written in the pictures 🙂


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