Well, I’m not that kind of guy that usually share who I really am. I only rely on their judges on me, but what the heck anyway, so here’s the thing about me:

  • The name is Gilbert Eurenzo Magahis Pinza Jr., and yes, that’s a freaking long name, but I love it, because I named after my awesome Papi 🙂
  • I converted oxygen to carbon dioxide for 19 years, 4 months, and 6 days, it’s kinda hard though, but thank God I’m alive, it’s to good to be true (it’s a song, sue me if you don’t get it)
  • Studying A.B. in Communication in the world of Adamson University, I survive the 3 years of my life there, and I hope I will survive in the next year 😛
  • I’m lovable, thoughtful, caring, faithful, God-fearing, crazy, and most of all, WEIRD -.-” and YES!! This description make me look gay, but I must speak the truth, and the ONLY truth 😀

That’s the basic things about me and there are some part of my life that is much personal, but I’m a good man, I will share to y’all 🙂

Well, one of my personal things in my life is my love life (gay). Yeah, and it’s not that pretty awesome, because it’s very sad 😦 and I always share this to my friends or keep it to myself (I’m freaking weird, kill me now, lol joke).

Well, that’s about me for now 🙂

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